Daffodils R Us!

They are. Daffodils are Julian. And all because of a local hero, Sally Snipes. Mati wrote this wonderful introduction on the Julian Elementary Garden Instagram page:

As part of her school garden lessons honoring Sally, Mati drew this up for demonstration and coloring:

I know, I know. Amazing. (Mural on campus, perhaps?) Mati created many lessons around our treasured daffodil season. The first activity was for students to spread out in the garden and sketch and color the flowers for a pennant.

Look at these flags and these sweet faces!

Then she got students working on real sewing machines…in the garden.

And finally, the flags were assembled to hang at Town Hall for last weekend’s daffodil show! (More on that in the next post…stay tuned.)

4 thoughts on “Daffodils R Us!

  1. What a wonderful story. I wish I lived closer to Julian so I could see this first hand. We now live in Berkeley and have been away from the schools gardens of San Francisco for some time. Thanks for all the good work you all are doing.

    Nan McGuire

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