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  1. Hi Tricia. Its Aimee Benson from Lemon Ave Elementary in La Mesa. I met you in Berkeley this summer. First off, I am so inspired by your blog and getting many ideas for our program. Could you email me a copy of the letter you sent home to the kids families? I just wanted to get a idea of what you said to have so much success with family participation. We received our cart from Sage last week and are getting ready to do that lesson. Check us out at Lemon Avenue Garden Project. Thanks so much.

  2. Hmm . . . I’m looking for a writer who might have something on flowers . . . for an upcoming radio show called, “garden variety” . . . know anyone like that? Oh, you! Oh yeah, and someone who might have written something that would fit my “For the Birds” show . . . hmmm . . . could it be you?

  3. Hello! Curious about how your school garden operates, are you paid or all volunteer? I’d love to figure out a way of running our school garden into an official position, but have no idea how! Thanks for any info

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by! When I began the project, I was a volunteer for 2-3 years. Since then we have worked a part-time position into a number of health or farm to school grants we have won. It is always a patchwork of funding. We also have an annual Garden Tour whose proceeds contribute to our paid programming.

  4. Hey Tricia, Deanna told me about your blog so I had to check it out…fantastic! I’ll be following, with much interest!

    Thank you for all you do!
    Rhonda Kutche
    Garden Coordinator for Williams Elementary in San Jose

    • Thanks so much Rhonda for your interest! The garden at Williams is also wonderful, and I welcome any feedback, ideas or resources you’d like to share. Please let me know if I can be helpful too!

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