Children’s Garden Ideas

I like to see other children’s gardens.  Last summer our family took a one-month roadtrip to Washington, and in addition to seeing friends, family, and the sights, we stopped at school gardens along the way.  On this page I plan to post all of the charming and educational garden ideas I’m collecting.  Sometime the idea comes from a museum or a school or a park—I think all have potential applications in the garden.

Each site is labeled, and a directory to their websites is below.  (You can click on the individual pictures to enlarge them, and then click through like a slideshow.)


Brightly painted birdhouse (National Botanic Garden, D.C.)

Life Lab:  A teaching garden on the campus of UC Santa Cruz (

Botanic Gardens at Turtle Bay, Redding, CA (

6 thoughts on “Children’s Garden Ideas

  1. Tricia,
    Thanks for sharing these garden ideas! You have gotten my wheels turning for our wonderful garden at school and my own at home! – Marisa

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