School gardens are a growing passion of mine, and I love telling stories from the one I happen to lead on my kids’ public school campus.  But I also love searching out, and seeing firsthand if possible, best practices from children’s gardens from all over.

Afterall, what can’t kids do in a garden?

Explore.  Be creative.  Grow stuff.  Eat well.  Tend the earth.  Mentor others.  Be leaders. Pick flowers.  Relax.  Use all five senses.  Think about possibilities. Learn science. Slow down. Read. Observe everyday miracles. Work hard.


Welcome!  I’m glad you’re here! (pssst….read my “About” to find out why I chose the photo above!)

8 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I just spent the last 45 minutes scrolling through all of your past posts! There are so many that I had forgotten about! They are all so great!

  2. I just had the pleasure of reading your blog and listening to the linked videos. You and your community have done something that is above and beyond. As I read the blog I contemplated the school garden experience at my daughter’s private school. My husband worked tirelessly on it and a memorial garden for 2 years. Though there were some nice accomplishments the momentum could not be sustained due to lack of involvement and personal agendas that raised roadblocks. Good people left and finished projects turned to weeds. It is clear to me that this garden is part of a larger mosaic of programs and instructional philosophies crafted by healthy and grounded administrators, teachers, parents and community members. You all should be proud.

    • What a thoughtful and lovely reply, my dear friend. True, any type of group-effort garden (school, community, etc.) can be tricky to start and even trickier to maintain. All the more reason to celebrate them when things do work out! Thanks so much for dipping your neo-luddite toes into the blog ocean—I feel loved!

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