Garden As Reward Destination

Kids are given lots of different types of incentives in school, and our school has hit upon a cool one.  Children receive a “Friday note” if they complete all of the week’s homework–this is something the school has done for years.  This year they have added a component: twice a quarter all of the kids with all of their Friday notes are allowed to sign up for a variety of enrichment activities on a given Friday afternoon. Choices include cooking, hiking, art, etc. Kids without all of their Friday notes attend a study skills and academic habits workshop in order to bring up their game for the next round.

Often the Garden Club provides an engaging activity as one of the choices. We like that kids view extra time in the garden as a reward! In October our small group made scarecrows, and although their quirky creations have presided over the garden all fall and early winter, it is now time for them to return to the straw bed and thrift store from whence they came.  Goodbye scarecrows!

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2 thoughts on “Garden As Reward Destination

  1. T,
    Bet you didn’t have any nasty crows hanging around .Makes me think of drama/plays in the garden with a history lesson.Dad

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