Landscape design in the garden

I mentioned that an Eagle Scout candidate recently broke ground on a project in our garden.  I am pleased to report that it is finished, and it is wonderful.

Think about everything this one young man had to do to complete this project:

…write a proposal, fundraise, recruit a work team, communicate with the garden club, build and stain a bridge, source materials, compare prices, learn a bit of carpentry, study riverbed design, locate and transport local river stone, examine drainage issues, cut the path, move a lot of dirt, install footings, project manage, and put it all together!  As a result, our school garden is that much more beautiful and well-designed for his efforts.  Thank you Sawyer, Troop 690 and all of the adult volunteers!

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5 thoughts on “Landscape design in the garden

  1. Fabulous project, Sawyer! The slide show is great, too, really showing all that was involved. Thanks, Sawyer (and all your helpers) for making Julian Elem’s school garden an even more wonderful place. We are now getting the rains to fill up the riverbed. What a blessing.
    Pastor Dawn

    • I’ll be sure to pass that compliment along! I think it’s wonderful that he can be proud of a beautiful legacy he left, through this project, at his own elementary school. Kids love it! One kid told me last week kids “call it” at lunch to sit on—as in, “I get the bridge!”

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