The upside of zone 7

Although I live in San Diego County, I live in the mountains at 4,200 feet.  I wouldn’t trade life in our little town, but I admit that I am prone to other zone envy.  Thinking about my gardening brethren “down the hill” growing lemons…and avocados…and year-round vegetables…and those gorgeous ornamentals that love the coastal fog……well, it sometime makes me a little jealous.

But here is one of the advantages of zone 7:

Winter!  And winter in gardens generally means there’s nothing to do for a while.  Last week we had unseasonably warm weather.  And much like the apricot tree which broke dormancy because the weird high temperatures seemed to tell it to do so, I too was fighting the irrational feeling that it wasn’t really winter and I should be gardening now.  

Snow settles it, telling me:  rest for a little bit.  Spring will be here soon enough.

That is, if it weren’t for….

Indoor projects! (Cedar garden hutch awaiting assembly in my garage!)

7 thoughts on “The upside of zone 7

  1. What a wonderful surprise to find your blog! Bon bon for me….until the day I see the garden, I will enjoy the stories here; a wonderful lead in to the visit. Thanks for reminding me today that the seasons of life are ordained and so very necessary… you.

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