5 reasons I love the Daffodil Show in Julian

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1. It is rooted in love.   Local gardener Sally Snipes is the force behind the annual planting of daffodils in Julian’s public spaces.  She started many years ago with friends and fellow volunteers, and now there are untold number of daffodils in front yards, along roads and in front of businesses.  Her purpose was to honor her Dad who was an avid gardener, and our town is that much more beautiful for this living memorial to her father.

2.  Children plant many of the flowers.  My son has planted with Sally in various locations over the years.  Ethan could lead you around Julian and point out exactly where he planted, and in what grade (“right there, Mom, that hillside…that’s where we planted in fourth.”)  School children also do watercolor paintings and paper flowers to decorate Town Hall and Main Street businesses when the show comes to town because…

3.  Every year the community gathers together and puts on a show. It’s now part of who we are—we are the people that grow daffodils.  On Friday afternoon, smiling people usher in the daffodils, clustered in spaghetti jars and buckets. They key them out with laminated guides and bulb catalogues, fussing over the blooms in their vases.  Neighbors chat, and Town Hall starts to fill with the heavenly scent of springtime.

4.  Children enter flowers for judging. Kids bring flowers from their yards, and since the advent of the garden, children now enter blooms they planted on campus. This year, between the elementary school and the junior high, we came back with a dozen ribbons.  I really like that the school is participating in the cultural life of the town.

5.  Daffodils are absolutely beautiful and remarkably diverse.  “Depending on  which botanist you talk to, there are between 40 and 200 different daffodil species, subspecies or varieties of species and over 25,000 registered cultivars (named hybrids) divided among the thirteen divisions of the official classification system. ( From American Daffodil Society FAQ, http://www.daffodilusa.org)  Ranging from white to yellow to peach, they are easy to grow and maintain, often fragrant, and always breathtaking.  What’s not to like?

9 thoughts on “5 reasons I love the Daffodil Show in Julian

  1. No doubt about it the show was a sumptuous experience of the glory of creation. The children looked like they were having so much fun. Only bummer–I found out that my nose does not “smell” some of the fragrant species! Ouch, what’s up with that?
    Pastor Dawn

  2. I loved the daffodil show. I watched Sally help a child pick the division for her flower and I thougt this is great hands on education!

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