Circle of knowledge, circumference of ignorance

Two weeks ago I took my Master Gardener final. Well, I attempted to take it.  God bless the working/studying/multi-tasking moms of the world.

I sent Chris to the zoo with the kids.

The last day of class we corrected the exams and took our first class picture.

And then today we had a fabulous party and received our certificates.

Upon completion, I must say that this is an OUTSTANDING program.  Thorough, well-organized, hands-on, professional—there wasn’t a lecture or a homework assignment or a lab activity that was a dud.  I feel honored to have participated, and I vow to make good on the “public service” end of the agreement that is at the heart of the Master Gardener program.

Just one small suggestion I’d make based on Pascal’s words about the larger the circle of knowledge, the greater the circumference of ignorance.  (Or when we know more things, we also have more cognitive surface area touching the edges of what we don’t know.)  We got a t-shirt to wear at volunteer activities that looks like this:

And I’d like to suggest that it be amended to read:

Ask a Master Gardener

but please go easy on me because really, there is a ridiculous amount to know about gardening, and I can be an absolute genius in one thing and still be an idiot in another and this program has laid the foundation for me to be a lifelong garden learner, eager to share what I learn with you…so just realize that I may know an answer but then again I may not and then I will do my best to find it….”Master” is a big word, I know, but I didn’t come up with the title. Thank you and have a nice day.

It would be a little wordy, but at least it would provide full disclosure.

15 thoughts on “Circle of knowledge, circumference of ignorance

  1. Having just completed the Master Gardener Training with Tricia I can say I ‘m in FULL agreement with her. The program was EXCELLENT. Everyone can get a taste of what we are talking about by attending the Master Gardener Fall Seminar On Oct.6. Go to to check it out 🙂 Congrats to you and all Moms who wear many hats and yet completed another school year with their kids!

  2. Congratulations, Tricia! You have learned much and I notice how generously you share it. I believe that knowledge shared stimulates more knowledge out there at the fringes as you and your students together go further into the mysteries of knowledge and creativity.
    Pastor Dawn

  3. T,
    T-Shirt Amendment #1….”Ask a Dad if he knows a Master Gardener”. Have a seat ….we’ll be here awhile……dad

  4. Oh, Congratulations Tricia! Now you can enjoy some mommy/family time this summer….we need to chat face to face sometime (there will be gardens at our new school)~until then,

  5. Very cool!! What a fun closure to the Master Gardener program! Congrats! And trust me, we all can make greatly amended t-shirts to about every occupation or avocation we’ve ever been a part of!

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