Indoor garden nook

An indoor space has become available on our elementary school campus for the garden project.  It’s a long hallway of sorts.  In the back, a door leads to a storage room.  This summer an exterior door to this room was installed which leads to the garden.

We are building a “garden library” with items to check out: microscopes, garden games, soil thermometers, curriculum books, etc.  A tabletop “grow-lab” to start seeds has been assembled for use in the late winter.  We’ve also begun hanging up educational posters and childrens’ artwork.  The “nook” is right next to an empty, multi-purpose room so we’re hoping to do garden-related activities there, in winter, with supplies from this room.

Do you have an indoor space for your school or community garden?  How do you use it?  Or have you ever seen an educational indoor garden space in use?  Please share!

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