Harvesting ideas

Often when we stumble upon a good idea that we’d like to use we say we’re “stealing it.”  But someone once suggested we say “harvest,” an appropriate word for the borrowing of good ideas in school gardens.  I love to share our ideas—that’s one of the reasons I write this blog.  If someone finds inspiration or encouragement or how-to….well, I’m thrilled.

Today I got to see a wonderful school garden in Santee.  One of the main reasons I joined Master Gardeners program was to serve as a school garden consultant.  Today I attended my first committee meeting, which was held at Cajon Park Elementary.  Here are some cuttings I took away….

At some point I want to make a permanent sign with garden rules, so I’m always interested in what others have chosen to focus on:

They planted a clump of sugar cane in conjunction with a social studies unit on the triangular trade:

One of the best things I saw.  Do you recognize these trellises?  Repurposed playground equipment from back in the day.

In this garden each teacher has a named plot.  Whether a garden goes this route or not, ownership is always important.

One of the garden coordinators was working during the meeting.  She asked if she could include my kids who were with me for the day.  They planted, watered, measured a plot, harvested….  Garden coordinators are good at this—recruiting kids that are hanging around and giving them a job and teaching them something too.

Harvesting this!  Recycled juice jugs protect baby plants and keep them moist like a terrarium.

It’s so cool to walk across a school campus–mostly pavement and institutional buildings—and come upon an island of color and life.  It always makes me happy.

Me at my first meeting!  So much to learn, so much to ask!

2 thoughts on “Harvesting ideas

  1. T,
    I especially liked your thought/serious study moment in the last photo.Back in the day my head was flat on the desk.dad

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