Garden as hangout space

In the intial brainstorming about the garden at the junior high (“the Living Room”), it was agreed that one of the major objectives for this space was to create a green, inviting garden space in which kids would want to hang out.  To this end, we wrote a grant for a BBQ, six tables, and 8 benches.  They arrived right before vacation, and last Sunday afternoon a team of kids, parents, staff (and staff spouses!) put them in place.


Poles were sunk in the ground to keep the tables steady and in place.




Benches were set throughout the garden for extra seating.


Volunteers are the first to try out the benches!


A few benches are also placed around campus.


Volunteer students also try them out!



Look at this brand new social space!  Let the hanging out begin!




Thank to everyone who came out and worked to improve this space for the junior high students!

10 thoughts on “Garden as hangout space

  1. The benches and tables look great in ther new home. What a cool place to hang out with friends. Thank you to all who donated and helped put it all together. This is one of the many reasons I love living in Julian, projects like this HAPPEN!

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