Planting the “stinking rose”

Recently during lunch Garden Ambassadors came out to help me put in some garlic (aka “stinking rose”.)

One of my goals for this blog is “to make a case for school gardens from every angle I can think of.”  In a fifteen minute activity, look at all the good stuff that was played out….

community:  My friend and fellow Master Gardener Mary had extra garlic to plant from her Julian garden and she shared her bulbs with us, dropping them off at school.

education (experiential, continuing, informal):  Student separated and planted the bulbs at lunch time. I was tempted to go put the bulbs in myself (quick, easy), but I resisted and waited for a time when kids could help me.  Should these little bulbs sprout and grow, I know the kids will be more excited and involved if their own little fingers put them in the soil.  As the garden coordinator, I learned a lot too by checking out a great book in order to learn more about garlic since I’m also planting it for the first time: The Complete Book of Garlic* by Ted Jordan Meredith.

sustainability:  I learned that the majority of garlic we consume comes from China.  And it can be relatively easy to grow in one’s own backyard (in climates with some rainfall, sunny dry summers, and fairly moderate winters.*)  Let’s do this!

nutrition:  Imagine the possibilities when we harvest in the fall!


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