To my friends, the early garden dreamers

Believe it or not, this post ends with photos of two very dear friends, one in an Elvis suit, both in a small plane, doing something that demonstrates the depth of their commitment to projects we dream up.

But first….let me say that there are dozens and dozens of people who are responsible for making the school garden what it is today.  You can’t scroll through these posts and not know that a small army of people, doing both small and large things, built this little slice of heaven.  (Thank you, every single one of you–parents, teachers, administration, staff, garden club, students, family, neighbors.)

And yet there are three women in particular who with me gave birth to this idea in the Spring of 2009. Without these friends/fellow parents, the area that is our garden would still possibly be an asphalt-cracked, weed-infested, graveyard for broken equipment.  They are Allison, Marisa, and Kathy.

Together we caught the vision for a school-wide garden program. We whispered the idea to each other, and our eyes grew big.  Over and over we would walk that corner of campus, starting every sentence with “What if?”  We took notes, sent each other e-mails, and hunched over notebooks filled with garden magazine clippings at the coffee house.  Hands gesturing, arms flying, we would talk over each other in excitement, and then a big idea would come and we would lift our sleeves and say “I’ve got goosebumps.”  Then we’d head out and walk the space again.

We pounded out a proposal and presented it to our PTO.  We asked for money to launch the project, and our parent community and school administration gave us the green light.  We started breaking ground (or rather, leveling it) that very week.

All of my local friends are amazing.  They live their lives with creativity, whole-heartedness, love, possibility and commitment to things that matter.  I feel lucky to be carving out a rich life with them in this town, striving to offer up our best gifts to enhance the lives of kids growing up here—our own as well as others.

Here’s proof of the kind of fun, vibrant and “sky’s the limit” women they are.  Two of them decided it would be great to get an “aerial photograph” of the garden as we were in the planning stages…you know, for good artistic renderings and archival documentation.  So they flew up over the school and took one.

The “asphalt triangle” below was the space that became half of the garden; the space above it was a outdoor area used years ago by a now-retired, dedicated gardening teacher but since fallen into disrepair.

Now….as for one of them being dressed as Elvis, well…. that’s another (very good) story……

8 thoughts on “To my friends, the early garden dreamers

  1. Hmmm…..I sense we may need a follow-up aerial photo…..and that the plane will be full this time!
    Thanks for bringing back all the fun memories of the goose-bumpy “what if” years… I absolutely love reading your posts.

  2. So much has changed since this photograph was taken of the garden! You are amazing Trcia and in your example of dedication and hard work I am still as “goose-bumpy” as ever! What a fun article! Thank you for writing it…. “Thank you, thank you very much”

  3. I know Kathy, Allison, Marisa and of course my daughter Tricia. All are amazing!!! Loving and committed women!!! An inspiration to all!!!!!!!

  4. Your passion for this project is inspirational! I agree about the writing. I love to read everything you write!

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