To market, to market (to fund all our ideas!)

Today we held our annual Fall Garden Market on Main Street, Julian.  Chances are we’ll be there tomorrow, because we have a lot of big ideas we want to fund.  Here are a few snapshots from the day:

Tying up the native strawberry plants with burlap and raffia. Garden Ambassadors propagated the plants.



Photo cards from Kids with Cameras, apple print cards by the third graders and the seeds we saved from our snapdragons during a University of Wednesday class.


The kids helped set up and then made corn husk dolls.  (Avery wore the Pooh costume all day!)



Rosemary wreaths were popular!  I want to do this activity again with students—maybe a Mothers’ Day gift?


The sale always has the backbone of gourmet baked goods, thanks to Rita!


We sold daffodil bulbs in baskets, with directions for planting.


Marisa and Kathy worked all day!  Thank you friends!


Raised today:  $473!


11 thoughts on “To market, to market (to fund all our ideas!)

  1. This is wonderful. I wish we had the time and capacity to do all of this! This is exactly how I envision kids to learn in the garden through the whole chain from growing to vending.

    • Thanks Drew. There is so much that could be done with this concept: kids making things “grown in” or “inspired by” the garden. Reminds me to get the Riverbend Commons potpourri recipe…

    • Thanks! It feels good to sell “local” things and it’s also a great opportunity to spread the word about school gardens. I’m sold on the rosemary wreaths—going to definitely do those again with kids!

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