Blog anniversay, by the numbers

As of today, years I have been blogging: 1

Degree of change in my view toward the value of blogging in this last year: 180

Number of views in the last year: 9,458

Number of people who have signed on for every e-mail, aka “followers”: 83

Number of posts:  85

Days per week I posted (mostly): 2

Number of comments:  562

Chances that the top three commenters are related to me: 100%

Views of most popular post (“Curating a classroom”): 518

Views of least popular post (“Adopt the garden for the summer”):  11

Number of views on most popular day (January 23rd):  125

My age in the photo of aforementioned post that garnered the most interest :  5

On a scale from 1 to 10, degree to which I’m still excited about school gardens: 10

I appreciate all of you for tuning in and cheering me on in the last year.  My writing life has never been more fun and consistent, and I have you—my audience–to thank.

To celebrate the past year, I’d like to bump up a couple of my favorite posts that I wrote early in the year and that have been a bit buried:

The Table

Three reasons to invite your community into the garden

Why I love the daffodil show in Julian

Thanks for coming by!  See you next year.

13 thoughts on “Blog anniversay, by the numbers

  1. Hi Trisha, I thought of you yesterday. I was avoiding working in the cold winds by wasting time watching tv in the coffee shop (hopefully this does not become a habit–for someone who lives without a television in their life it can be very hypnotizing when one is around) and I watched a show with some chef, Robert, I think, who rescues failing restaurants. On this particular episode he was commissioned by Michelle Obama to upgrade a nutritional and care giving outreach center for children in one of the poorest neighborhoods in D.C. Part of the project was to start a community garden for the kids to become involved with growing their own food. I particularly noticed the bed hoops because of looking at those with you for our school garden. This is truly important work you are doing, and it is nice to know that we are part of a growing national movement in this country.

    Greg Hill

    • Greg!

      We miss you! Thank you for such a lovely, thoughtful comment. Have you heard about the USDA grant we received to create a Farm to School program?? It started December 1st, and I am the part-time coordinator. It has been SO MUCH FUN beginning the process, and I’m sure you’d enjoy knowing all that is in the works…’s right in line with so many things we’ve talked about over the years!

      • Yes Tricia, I think I read something about the Farm to School program, and I thought, “there she goes again, doing more wonderful stuff for our kids and our community.” I am now quite sure that someday my claim to fame will be that once upon a time I lived on the same property as Chris and Tricia Elisara. I can already here people asking, “No, really? What were they like, I mean, in person?”

        Love to all of you. Hope we can get together and catch up sometime
        soon, maybe after the holidays.

  2. I am crazy about your blog!! I am endlessly humbled by your creativity (and those you work with) with the students and the passion you have for your garden. I always look forward to your posts. I learn so much from you. Thank you!!

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