Kindergarteners + math + garden

One of my favorite things about the school garden is discovering ways it is being used by teachers, staff and families.  A few weeks back, a mom was out at the table, orchestrating a birthday celebration for her son.  Earlier in the day, the kindergarten class was looking for patterns.  What a great lesson, Mrs. White!  She wrote to me later:

So…we had an amazing day in the garden! It really helped our math work to “come alive!” 

Photo courtesy of Mrs. White


Photo courtesy of Mrs. White

6 thoughts on “Kindergarteners + math + garden

  1. This is great! I like the worksheet example. Will have to try something along this line as well as plant more tulips in the future. Your tulip garden is beautiful.

  2. Art, math, observations skills being developed, kudos to creative teachers who make learning come alive!

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