Last bits of awesomeness (ESY Part 5)

And finally, here I will dump all of the great ideas that I want to share (and not forget) that didn’t fit in the preceding posts about the Edible Schoolyard.

After our garden sessions, we were asked to write down questions that still lingered in our minds. During break, the presenters had a chance to review the questions and then address them if they weren’t already going to be covered.  Good technique.


At the end of each day, we filled out three cards: head, heart, feet.  On each we wrote, what we learned? (head) what we felt? (heart) and what we’ll do next? (feet)  They were strung up in the dining commons each day for everyone to see.


Right by the exit in the kitchen classroom was this set of folders stocked with recipes that the class just cooked.  Students are encouraged to pick one up on their way out, if they’d like.


Once a week, students and their parents are invited to “Family Nights Out” where families cook the same recipes students learned in class.  Students become teachers as they recreate the menu, and everyone goes home with more skills. So incredibly cool.


I’m always looking for good, simple rules to guide cooking/garden.  I may just rip these off for the coming year.


Students know where to find these take-out boxes so they can leave with any unfinished food.


LIttle vocabulary thrown in—the word geek in me loves this.


The room is full of interesting decorations:  botanical prints, kites, hats from various world cultures, clocks that tell the time in different world cities, a piano, quotes….


ESY loves hand-drawn visual aids.  This is on the wall to help students learn their greens.


The Charlie Cart was on display—expensive but amazing.  Wheel this thing in to a classroom and you have a mobile kitchen with a sink, running water, stovetop, microwave and cabinets filled with every pot, pan or utensil you might need to run a demo.


All in all, the ESY was a wonderfully rich experience.  A million thanks to the Sage Garden Project who made it possible for me to attend!

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