Meet Mati!

We were thrilled that FoodCorps generously extended a fifth year of partnership to us. Part of this last year of funding and support is designed to write a sustainability plan to propel us into the next ten years of garden and nutrition education at Julian Elementary. So we needed a new service member with amazing skills in the garden to restart it after Covid. We also needed a creative teacher with a deep love for children. And I also needed a partner to dream big with as we figured out this funding/sustainability question.

I found all three in Mati Moon!

A local, Mati comes to us with extensive gardening experience, incredible artistic/creative skills, a sincere love for helping children to learn and thrive, and a commitment to this school and Julian. So we are off and running! Stay tuned for photos (her own, amazing) of some of the things she has been doing in the garden. If you are like me, you. will. melt.

2 thoughts on “Meet Mati!

  1. Remembering the garden in years past! Weeds and the gazebo stacked in a pile waiting to be assembled. With your vision, determination and hard work the garden is what it is today!! Proud of you! MOM

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