September/October Garden Tour

Re-introducing the garden tour!

Every month or two, I take you on a stroll around the garden. All of the photos in today’s virtual walk are taken by Mati Moon and used with her permission. We are so lucky to have a garden educator that not only does magical things in the garden, but also captures them so beautifully!

Baby Dinosaur kale! Whimsical signs always add so much to school gardens.
We had a late start but still managed to get a lot in the ground!
One of Mati’s first ideas was to add a bookcase of garden books for children to use in the gazebo.
We grow beauty!
3rd grade students organized, planted, mulched and watered newly planted beds.
Mati worked with the students to plant French Breakfast and Giant German radishes. Radishes are great in school gardens because they take about one month to grow.
If you see this on Instagram, it’s a video shot from the ground looking up at all the bee activity.
Look at all that green and all those attentive students!

If you’d like to follow along with us on Instagram too, please find these and more amazing pictures at #julianelementarygarden Thanks for joining us on the tour! More to come….

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