Wear some hometown pride!

Sometimes I have an idea that springs up, goes underground and then pops back up later when the time is right. (Almost like a dormant seed, since this is a gardening blog.)

When I first moved to Julian, the local grocery store was selling t-shirts that read 92036–our zip code. I bought one and have been wearing it ever since, even with the small piece of gum stuck in the sleeve I cannot. get. out.

Every time I wear it people ask about it but it hasn’t been sold for over 20 years.

In an unrelated development, my son started a small business sewing felt letters on to sweatshirts, specializing in spelling out friends’ favorite surf breaks. He set up an Etsy shop and sewed these during late night duty as an RA for his dorm. He has recently stopped making them so…

I fused the two ideas into our latest fundraiser. Check out these Pathways (role) models! We are selling them for $50 to the general public and $38 to locals. We launched the idea yesterday and have already received a dozen orders. Proceeds go the funding our garden educator position for the 2022-2023 school year.

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