Seedball Skee-ball

Say that three times fast!

This post is all about the idea that there are a million ways to teach something. Mati could have had her students go out to the garden and broadcast wildflower seed. That would have been cool.

But no, first she had them create seedballs—mud mixed with wildflower seed. Getting hands dirty–fun element #1

Then she created a “skee ball” court out on an unused piece of ground in front of the school. Remember skee ball? You throw balls at targets to get points, at the fair or arcade. (Fun element #2!)

Then she took the kids out to play the game against the teachers! (Games! Fun element #3!)

And then to top it off, Mati invited staff to compete against the students. Here are our beloved bus drivers, throwing over their shoulders. Playing against aduts? Fun element #4

Math and garden lessons!

And finally, sending the kids home with a (hand lettered!) certificate! Fun element #5! In addition to all this fun, kids learned a lot about seeds!

(All photography courtesy of the Extraordinary Miss Mati.)

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