It’s (a)corny but this is one of the best lessons ever!

Some of you know that I can be very enthusiastic about things I love. So I am not exaggerating here: Mati’s garden lessons this past semester are some of the best I’ve ever seen. And the one described below is just amazing.

Mati hosted a natural dying class taught by a local expert and friend, who encouraged her to use what she learned in garden class. So the next week Mati took kids out on campus to look for acorns.

Then kids wrapped their fabrics with rubber bands to dye.

After the acorns simmered, Mati taught them to mix iron post mordant and experiment with dipping and adding contrast.

Look how gorgeous these turned out!

That would have been lesson enough! Except that Mati extended it even further by harvesting locally grown lavender and teaching the kids to sew their fabrics into scented, weighted eye pillows for sore muscles and relaxation before sleeping. Many thanks to Krystin for boots on the ground (boots in the garden?) for pulling this off.

Actually there are many shout-outs in order!

Thanks to Anita at Mom’s Pies for allowing us to harvest the lavender! (Instagram @momspies)

Thanks for Anini designs for bringing this beautiful skill to our children, through Mati! (Instagram @aninidesigns)

And thanks to Miss Krystin for help in all stages of this project, from helping supply us, to wrangling kids, to sewing to being our beloved Pathways sister! (Instagram @manzanitasupply)

(All photos courtesy of Mati Moon.)

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