Gardens can be infectious

After two years of growing the elementary garden, our adjacent junior high wanted one too! An unused dirt strip on one side of the basketball court was chosen.  (The building at the top of the hill edges the elementary garden.)

A year ago (this week!) things got rolling with the help of the garden club, volunteers and staff (Dana, project champion and Brian, enthusiastic administrator).  Dirt was delivered when I was up at the elementary garden prepping for Global Youth Service Day, and I remember cheering at the top of my lungs and getting choked up (what’s new?) when the truck arrived.

Ground was leveled, wood chips were spread, three beds were built, a shed was put in place, rainbarrels were installed, and herbs and flowers were planted–all by community volunteers, students, staff and parents.  The garden was named “The Living Room,” because among other things, we are trying to create a beautiful space where middle schoolers can do what they love to do: hang out.  As such, we are planning for some “coffee shop” elements, including small bistro tables and a outdoor food counter/BBQ with a big blackboard on the wall behind it. The first bed to go in was herbs, so that students could learn how to brew their own tea.

Big projects at this garden are in the works, and my older son is heading there next year, so I plan to write more about it.

Check out the transformation already:

The school secretary planted this box of flowers---everyone calls it "Trudy's garden"

3 thoughts on “Gardens can be infectious

  1. I love that it’s called “The Living Room” and get choked up thinking about your son going to junior high next year!!!

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