Thumbs up for hands-on learning

We’re always talking about how good experiential education is for kids.  Hands-on instruction just seems to deliver content in a way that kids learn.  Or perhaps…all people learn?   In my master gardener training, we have five hours of class a week.  The mornings are excellent lectures, and the afternoons are often workshops/labs.  I have loved the experiential piece, reaffirming the vast possibilities for garden-based education.  Here are some snapshots of the experiential component of the Master Gardener program in San Diego:

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8 thoughts on “Thumbs up for hands-on learning

    • uh…..this picture was a little staged. Although I did answer one call. The caller only spoke Spanish, and so I took it, and strangely enough, I was able to get him the information he was looking for. (phew.)

  1. Tricia, I am so proud of you! I know that sounds silly, but I really am! Or maybe I am proud that I will be able to say that I know a Master Gardener! Ok, that too!

    • You’re nice. But let’s not get carried away with the “master” designation. I only know a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of what there is know about gardening, it seems. “The bigger your circle of knowledge, the longer the perimeter of your ignorance”–BUT I am now connected to great people and great resources and great opportunities to keep learning and for all that I am so glad. 🙂

    • Thanks Dad. I always sheepishly ask people to take my picture during this part, mumbling something about it being for my “blog.” 🙂 It really is an awesome program!

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