12-year old, on rainwater harvesting

For the “Be Smart Water Conservation Essay/Art Contest” sponsored by the San Diego County Water Authority, Ethan won first place in the sixth grade category. Here he is talking with the Education Outreach Coordinator, Celeste Pack.

10 thoughts on “12-year old, on rainwater harvesting

    • On behalf of Ethan, thanks Mr. Ogden! It was fun to represent for Julian Elementary at the awards ceremony. They really know how to entice kids with good prizes. Ethan won tickets to Sea World, the Zoo, Boomers and Lazer Tag.

  1. Congratulations, Ethan! I really enjoyed your essay. You did a great job describing the system and also covered the reasons we want to conserve water very well. That is so important because many people don’t realize how everyone can help make a difference!
    Pastor Dawn

    • Thanks for responding to Ethan! I will pass it on! Yesterday in my Master Gardener class the speaker talked about rain barrels. Most rain barrels (easy to hook up and use) hold 50-60 gallons (whereas our system holds 3,000). Some people think–what’s the point to only catch 60 gallons? But can you imagine if everyone caught 60 gallons every time it rained and used it on their gardens/yards? It really would be an example of everyone making a huge difference in their smaller collective actions.

    • Thanks Anne! I love how supportive our community (read, people like you) are of kids and their accomplishments. It feels like Ethan gets affirmed in so many ways, by so many people (especially at church) and it’s wonderful!

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