Our multi-purpose gazebo

It has been in the background of many posts, but now I’m putting it front and center.  Our gazebo! Renovated by Garden Club members, this old, battered, brown storage unit became a delightful focal point and meeting place. For decades the structure had been sitting there, nearly invisible, until fresh eyes reimagined it.

How is our dear gazebo used?  Let me count the ways.  The gazebo is where…

  • students eat lunch
  • families hang out after school while siblings do extracurricular activities
  • reading buddies sit together to pore over books
  • counselors meet with students
  • staff hold meetings
  • parents snack on garden treats at Open House
  • events are held such as our annual tea party for Administrative Professionals Day
  • Garden Club members survey the work of the last three years!

4 thoughts on “Our multi-purpose gazebo

    • There are Simpson connectors in more than one place in the garden–most recently in the Eagle Scout redwood deck. Whenever I can I take advantage of the opportunity to casually throw around the word “joist hanger,” never failing to mention how they put me through college. That is, my Dad put me through college, courtesy of the joist hanger and a whole lot of 2×4’s at 84. (See, I’m doing it again!)

    • Unfortunately I don’t think we have a good straight-on photo of the “before” which would make the transformation much more incredible to behold! Note to school gardens—-don’t forget the “before” shots!

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