The whole story in 8 minutes

Recently I made this imovie about the entire garden project for a grant proposal.  I think it tells the story quite succinctly, and I hope you’ll enjoy it!  (By the way, it has been a HUGE week in the garden with lots of great stories to tell but I’ll have to wait to recover from it all to tell them.  Good stuff coming!)

25 thoughts on “The whole story in 8 minutes

  1. A wonderful walk down memory lane! You are truly an inspiration to all who pass your way. P.S. Update on the grant??? Love you MOM

  2. Tricia–beautiful job! So well done! Thank you for all your hard work! 🙂 Our campus is truly enriched by all that you inspire kids to dream and do!

  3. Beautiful Tricia. So nice to see it all put together. An inspiration to all mom’s and dad’s out there to see what can be accomplished in the public school system.

  4. Nancy and I just sat here, BEAMING (weeping a little bit). We are so proud of you
    Tricia. We marvel at how the elementary school community and the larger Julian community transformed that little forgotten piece of broken blacktop into a life giving place chock full of possibilities: academic, social, artistic, virtuous and gastronomic. That place and those people will never be the same. Thank you for inspiring us to a better life.

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