2 garden ideas: one harvested, one homegrown

HARVESTED from That Bloomin’ Garden.  Visit her wonderful blog for all of the actual how-to instructions!  My Garden Ambassador loved painting this gameboard on a tree stump during lunch time.  We are looking around for playing pieces—until then, pebbles vs. leaves!



Outdoors checkers or chess, anyone?


HOMEGROWN, at our school in the Friendship Garden cared for by the special education students.  I am in love with the idea of repurposing school infrastrucutre in the garden.  I have a picture of an old-fashioned jungle-gym-climbing-tower being used as a trellis here, and a photo of a filmstrip cart from the 70’s now serving as a taste test cart here.

This year we received brand new salad bars from the Let’s Move Campaign.  One day on my way to the garden I spied the old salad bar, awaiting its doom by the maintenance shed.  So I asked the custodian to move it to the Friendship Garden, and the teachers/kids planted it out.  (Note: sneezeguard removed.)


One of the teachers told me that the kids love it, especially because they can get up really close to the plants to observe, water and harvest. (That strawberry looks ready!)


13 thoughts on “2 garden ideas: one harvested, one homegrown

  1. I am thrilled to find you. Gardening with kids is a fantastic thing to do. Learning how to grow your own good clean food is the way forward. take good care… c

      • We have vegetable gardens in the schools in New Zealand. But our school year runs right into the summer and we only have 6 weeks off in the summer. How do you manage with 3 months off in the summer?.. c

      • New Zealand! (I’m married to a Kiwi.) We do “adopt the garden” for each week of summer. A family signs up to come on campus and water. We’ve done this for the last three years, but we’re currently installing timed irrigation on the edibles, so the job will be a little simpler. 🙂

      • and i am married to an american! The adopt a garden idea is brilliant.. excellent idea! say hi to kiwi hubbie for me! c

      • Three cheers for trans-pacific marriages. My kids are the only ones in their little San Diego school who can perform the haka at a moment’s notice. 🙂 Or pine for meat pies.

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