The Great Julian Apple Crunch

Today Julian Elementary and Junior High celebrated National Food Day with 15 workshops on nutrition, cooking, backyard gardening and agriculture.  It was amazing—look for upcoming posts with photos and stories.

For now, let me share a video with you.  Every year people across the country celebrate good, fresh food with an Apple Crunch event.  We did one this year, thanks to Ken and Linda Limon who visited a neighboring orchard whose owners allowed them to harvest for free, picked 400 apples, hand sorted them, packed them in flats of 50 and delivered them to cold storage in the school kitchen.  We washed and bagged them by class size.  Students wore their red No Excuses shirts to school, Garden Ambassadors held up big leaves, and our principal got on the roof to film the event.  The weather was sketchy today but it held just long enough…..five minutes later, downpour!  Simply amazing.

Thank you Linda and Ken—you made this happen!



6 thoughts on “The Great Julian Apple Crunch

  1. Couldn’t find Waldo (aka Elliot) in the crowd but I know he was there. Felt the excitement of apple crunch day in Julian. Love mom

  2. Thank you, Linda and Ken.
    Tricia, you displayed grace this week in the face of putting on this tremendously educational day with such uncertain weather (and presenters). And, if you’re a Seinfeld fan, you know that grace is something special! Take a nap tomorrow.

    • Thanks for these words Scot—grace is what I was shooting for, so I’m glad I kinda pulled it off. And forget tomorrow—-I took a nap today! (Missed that Seinfeld episode—must plug hole in cultural references.)

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