The most beautiful broccoli…

….is (of course) the broccoli you grow yourself!

One of my Garden Ambassadors harvested the broccoli yesterday.


And after thorough washing, it went back to the classroom.  From stem to mouth in the same afternoon!


P.S.  Today I saw some of the fifth graders, and I asked them how they liked the broccoli, compared to other broccoli they had eaten.  One said, “More moist.”  Another said, “Fresher, sweeter.” A third summed it up: “It tasted more green.”

They also said the teacher offered seconds, and the kids rushed the bowl.  (Who says kids won’t eat vegetables?)

15 thoughts on “The most beautiful broccoli…

  1. These pictures are darling! You’ll be happy to know that although I didn’t grow it myself, your baby sister did eat some for dinner!

      • Ha! Me and my boys like ranch dressing as much as the next person, but I’m really trying to resist the “ranchification” (I just coined that) of all of kids’ vegetable consumption, especially if the food comes straight from the garden and tastes so delicious.

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