Something remarkable is about to happen

Julian has a few famous people.  One of these local/global treasures is the artist James Hubbell, who lives and works in our little town.  Mr. Hubbell has buildings, sculptures and paintings all over the globe.  People find his work wildly creative and soaringly beautiful, and he’s known the world over for his visionary spirit, wide artistic range and kind heart.

Guess what?  He’s making a piece for our school garden.

Not just any piece—an original gate, inspired by our little garden.  This work of art is going to be installed on a section of our school garden that was once a no account piece of broken asphalt in a weedy corner of campus that no one ever visited.  This, I believe, is redemption writ large, and it’s all happening in the next two weeks.

I’ll be telling the story in the next couple posts.  For now, just know that something remarkable is on its way, and this is the “before.”