Do a small job, be our hero

You know how a single job can be quick work for one person, and a seemingly massive task for another?  I’ve thought about this a lot, in my quest to get everything done in the school garden that needs getting done.  And I’ve come up with this idea: compiling a list of small jobs in the garden and putting it out to our community at large to see if we can get any takers.  The idea is that if you want to help our school garden, you don’t necessarily need to join the Garden Club or commit to a big, ongoing project.  Just look over our list of “small jobs” and see which ones might be easy and fun for you to do. We’ll quickly reimburse you for any expenses.  Come do one job and be our hero for the day!

Take our wheelbarrow.  It needs fixed, and for me to do it, I’d spend an inordinate amount of time assessing it, researching what bolts and nuts and braces it would need, and then shopping for the right things, and finally locating all of the necessary tools. (Sad, but true.) Yet for the right person with the right tools…this would be a relatively quick task.

My church has expressed interest in helping with the garden, and so I published a list of jobs in a newsletter, and Hans (who also happens to be my next door neighbor) was the first to say he’d help out.  In no time at all, he got our wheelbarrow operational and repaired a fruit tree sign as a bonus!  I was so grateful to cross this task off my list, thanks to Hans’ willingness to serve!  It’s a good example of a community member investing in kids and public schools, even though his own children have long since graduated.  Thanks neighbor!