Monday morning garden report

Two years ago I started a program called Garden Ambassadors.  Fifth grade and sixth grade students apply at the beginning of the school year, with a written application and interview, to be garden representatives.  All year long they receive special training from me as they assume certain leadership responsibilities related to the school garden.

One of their jobs is giving the “Monday Morning Garden Report.” Every Monday morning one of our principals welcomes children back to school on the school-wide intercom and goes over relevant information for the week.  Then the garden ambassador takes the mic (phone):

Here is this week’s report:

Good morning!  My name is Ethan, and I am a sixth grade garden ambassador.

Spring has come to the garden.  The table has a fresh coat of stain, the tulips are blooming and new plantings are going in.  In the habitat garden, there is newly planted lavender, monkey flower, butterfly weed and germander—all plants that attract butterflies.  Along the riverbed are also three new, native plants:  deer grass, mountain savory and “blue pozo” sage.  You might also notice the wildflowers are starting to come up in Mrs. Dawson’s bed too.  Finally, some strawberries were transplanted to the left of the pergola.

Thank you for observing the “caution tape” at the far end of the garden.  This space is being readied for a beautiful gate being created by the world-renowned artist James Hubbell. 

That’s all for now!  See you in the garden!