Outdoor food prep station? Check!

I mentioned that Whole Foods Foundation and Food Corps funded an outdoor food prep station in the garden.  To review, this is what the area looked like before:


A deck was built to fit the space…


…and a split-level “food prep station” added!  (The two levels are for lower and upper grade-sized kids.)


Stainless steel sinks can be used to wash produce with fresh water from dispensers.


Buckets in cabinets below catch the water to reuse on plants.


Sinks can be covered with cutting boards to increase work space.


Both sides have electrical outlets for simple appliances, such as our pizza oven and wok.  We also purchased a solar over.  I’ve been keeping my eyes open at garage sales for other tools such as a salad spinner and a flat grill/panini press.


The stage is set for great culinary and educational outcomes!

Whole Foods Market said “yes”

Senior garden ambassadors met me before school to play with these two gadgets:

Hand-cranked apple peeler, corer and slicer


We cut apples, dehydrated them all day, and served them at the Taste Test cart at lunch.

Ambassadors get off the bus and work with me until the bell rings

And soon, this whole process is going to be much, much better. You can see that we are prepping the food at the lunch tables.  Do-able but pretty inconvenient.  No table or electric outlet or sink to rinse fruit and veggies.

A while back Susi and I sent a grant proposal to Whole Foods Market, asking for an outdoor “kitchen island” to prep garden produce.  After obsessively checking their website for months we found out this past summer that we won the money!  It’s going to be built soon, so once again, I will show you the “before” shot so you can appreciate it when it goes in.  This is probably the last unimproved piece of real estate in the garden!